Vivo sub-brand IQOO first new concept machine hit, folding full screen really amazing

The development of vivo in recent years is also very rapid. The launch of vivoX23 is popular among you both online and offline. The APEX2019, which was released recently, has alerted people at home and abroad. Recently, vivo is also official. Xuan has announced his own sub-brand, IQOO, since the official announcement, many people are very curious about how IQOO reads, netizens have said that they will read “love cool”, and some netizens guess whether it is called “intelligence zero “The netizen’s mind is really big.” In addition, IQOO’s first mobile phone renderings have also been exposed, and it is still folding mobile phones, this vivo will be magnified as soon as it comes up. Let’s take a look together.

From the front of the mobile phone, the new engine of IQOO adopts the ultra-thin folding screen design, and is folded symmetrically in the middle and left, and the surrounding frame is also very narrow, and almost no black border can be seen. Of course, this mobile phone can be said to be more than just a folding mobile phone. It is also a full-screen mobile phone with a screen ratio of 99%. The overall look is quite amazing, and the screen effect is very shocking. In front, before folding, it is a full-screen tablet, and after folding, it becomes a full-screen mobile phone, and the folding mobile phone will definitely bring more playability to everyone, and maybe even more black operations can be developed. It.

It is not difficult to find in the rendering. The IQOO concept machine has also been re-configured for its system UI, which can fold the screen to different degrees of camber. In addition, this new folding phone will also be equipped with 5G communication, maybe the launch of this phone will lead A wave of mobile phone climax!

It is reported that IQOO is the high-end market, creating a new flagship mobile phone, so this new product is likely to match the Snapdragon 855 processor, as well as a new generation of screen fingerprint technology, face recognition and so on. Of course, in terms of taking pictures, vivo has also made significant progress in several products. I believe that as a brand new brand, IQOO will bring you a better photo experience.

Prior to this, the NEX dual-screen version released by vivo was also full of black technology. However, according to the current situation, the new IQOO product is much more amazing than the NEX dual-screen version, and the design of the entire body and the playability of the mobile phone are very good. As a folding mobile phone, the most important topic is about its battery. The folding screen is also very power-hungry. However, I believe that this folding mobile phone of IQOO definitely has a good grasp of the battery capacity and power consumption. What do you think the battery capacity of this phone will be?


After the iPhone X is removed, this new iPhone has become a big winner, talk about personal experience!

After the iPhone X is removed, this new iPhone has become a big winner, talk about personal experience!

iPhone X is a very expensive mobile phone. The popularity of this mobile phone is very interesting. It shows a form of polarization. After the release of the new iPhone, many people changed the iPhone XR very decisively. Mobile phone, then why is this? The author will give you a detailed analysis below.

Before talking about configuration, Xiaobian wants to talk about a problem that everyone cares about, that is the problem of iPhone XR black border. This seems to be the most concerned thing for everyone on iPhone XR. iPhone XR is called the border to stop the aircraft carrier. This is just an exaggeration. The iPhone XR in your hand doesn’t have such a serious black border. If you look at it a little more, you may not care so much. Just like the traffic lights like the iPhone X and Liu Haiping, how many people? Tucao is ugly, but the last name is Liu Haiping, because the more you look, the more pleasing you are. Another advantage is that the black border reduces the occurrence of false touches!

First of all, the iPhoneXR is quite satisfactory in terms of appearance. Although the screen resolution is only 720P, thanks to the excellent optimization ability, the iPhoneXR screen does not have any graininess, but the iPhoneXR is indeed a bit wide in the frame, which makes it inevitable that some obsessive-compulsive disorder After two days of use, the author is gradually adapting to the border of the iPhoneXR. In addition, since the back of the iPhoneXR is a glass body, it is also a fingerprint collector.

Koszalin, Poland – October 07, 2014: Close-up shot of iPhone 6 hand-held by woman on white background. Devices displaying the applications on the home screen. iPhone 6 (4.7 inches) is next generation smartphone from Apple. Device displaying the applications on the home screen.


Secondly, in terms of daily experience, iPhoneXR is still very powerful on the main hardware. It is equipped with Apple A12 processor. The author ran several times in more than 350,000, and the performance reached the top level of the industry, while the closed IOS system blessed. Next, iPhoneXR’s daily operation is also very smooth and smooth, and the game performance is also very good, and in terms of unlocking method, Face ID’s face unlocking is also very practical.

When it comes to taking pictures, the iPhoneXR only comes standard with a 12 million rear single shot, because it doesn’t like to take pictures, so this configuration is enough. After several sets of proof tests, it was found that the color of the object can be accurately restored in the case of sufficient daylight, and the details of the dark part of the backlight are also preserved. However, in the dark phase, the iPhoneXR has no super-handheld night scene mode, and the noise and dark parts are still compared. Obviously, the highlight area is not suppressed, and there is often a spill. So for the photographer, it is a bit weak.

In terms of battery life, the iPhoneXR comes standard with a 2942 mAh battery, which strictly does not meet the standard for large screen and large power. In the indoor environment screen, the automatic brightness is adjusted for three hours. The one-hour Need for Speed ​​is 17%, the one-hour death motorcycle is 11%, and the one-hour 720P movie is 13%. If the medium use is not a problem.

On the whole, the reason why the iPhone X is not recognized by many people, there are several reasons, one point is that this phone has been too high in price, so many people can not accept it, one point is that this phone occasionally plays some games There will be fever, which will greatly affect the experience. One point is that Liu Haiping’s look and feel experience is not very good, and iPhone XR can well solve the shortcomings of X in the game experience.


Nokia’s full-featured work: ZEISS lens + 57 million + retaining the performance of the frame and the value of both

With the development of the times, the survival of the fittest is a constant truth. In the long river of time, many enterprises have been ruthlessly crushed by time, and some enterprises have become more and more violent. Today, the author will bring you a Nokia mobile phone with a glimmer of fire. Nokia mobile phones can be described as big-name characters in the past era, but today’s Nokia mobile phones have long been a human being, not in the same year. . Nokia mobile phone returned in the previous year, adjusting the mentality of Nokia mobile phones, how to develop in today’s market, we are not clear, but what we can see is that Nokia mobile phones are catching up, constantly releasing new machines, constantly changing themselves. . Recently, there is a foreign media exposure of a new Nokia concept machine, a Nokia peak, a Nokia full of love.

This Nokia concept new machine can be said to be the pinnacle of Nokia’s mobile phone return. It can be seen from the renderings that this new Nokia machine uses a flat design on the screen design, retaining a relatively wide upper and lower border, reserved The frame can protect the screen of the mobile phone very well, but there is no small loss compared to the screen ratio. At present, the trend design on the market is a heterogeneous full-screen mode, but this new Nokia machine still uses a flat design, which is enough to see that Nokia phones do not follow the design style of others, which may be the reason why many consumers like Nokia phones. According to the data, the screen size of this phone is a 6-inch high-definition display with a resolution of 2160×3840 pixels, a color value of 16 million, clear picture quality and moving colors.

From the exposure design, you can see that this new Nokia machine is a mobile phone with a frame design. There are also a series of components inside the frame, two cameras, one sensor, one loudspeaker, one mobile phone. The components on the screen are basically available, and the design has no special features. The front-mounted dual-camera mobile phone is not much in the market today, but the shooting ability is not determined by the number of cameras. The main purpose of the sounder design inside the upper frame is to make the call quality better. The front camera of this phone is 16 million + 12 million pixels, so high front pixels are enough for us to take full-color photos.

From the renderings, you can clearly see that this new Nokia is a dual-camera mode. The design of the rear dual-camera is not a trend in today’s market, but the dual-camera is very popular in today’s market. Many, because many manufacturers have not had time to sell a lot of rear-mounted dual-camera mobile phones on the market, which is why there are so many post-cameras on the market. This Nokia mobile phone is arranged in the rear. It’s very special. All the rear components are wrapped in a big circle. The two flashes can make the photos more clear and bright. The rear dual camera of this phone is 41 million + 16 million pixels. The 57 million, the most important is that its rear camera is a ZEISS lens, equipped with OIS optical image stabilization and other shooting techniques.

The endurance of a mobile phone is very important. The battery life is strong. The mobile phone is definitely used for a long time. The Nokia mobile phone is very good at battery life. It has a built-in 4150 mAh. The oversized battery is equipped with 40W and wireless charging technology for charging, which can quickly charge the phone. Nokia mobile phones, we all know that the quality is very good, this new machine is also the same, the workmanship of the fuselage is very delicate, also designed a series of buttons on the frame, very convenient to use, canceled 3.5 mm The headphone hole, the overall body is very perfect in the details of the processing.

There are a lot of materials on the market, and the most frequently used material for mobile phones is glass. The glass material is very convenient in processing and workmanship. It is relatively low in cost and can be scratched to a certain extent. This is the main reason why the glass material will be widely used. This new Nokia machine uses Corning’s sixth-generation gorilla glass. The frame is made of all-metal material and the metal frame can be used for the body. Very good value, this phone is equipped with face recognition and under-screen fingerprints on the unlock. The two unlocking methods are very fast at unlocking speed, and the security index is very high.

Nokia mobile phones have not developed their own processors due to long-term research on Saipan systems. It is a great pity for Nokia to have no processors. After all, Nokia mobile phones are big in the previous mobile phone industry.佬 level of people, although Nokia does not have a processor, but the processor is very good for the phone, this Nokia’s new processor is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, Qualcomm Snapdragon’s performance author Not much to say, we should be very clear, the system is equipped with Android 9.0 system, running memory is 6GB / 8GB, storage memory is 128GB / 256GB, reached the level of IP69 in dust.

This Nokia concept phone is still very good in the author’s view, it is relatively strong in the hardware, especially the screen design of this phone is very attractive to consumers, retaining the design of the frame, it is Nokia is full of emotions. From the overall design point of view, it is true performance and value, do you think this new Nokia machine is attractive to people who have used Nokia’s function machine?


iPhone fantasy: double slider design + A13 + New Infinity is not the same iPhone

At present, the screen can be designed with New Infinity to make a full-screen mobile phone. There are many ways to design. One is that the front camera adopts a lifting and pop-up design, which can hide the front camera and call the front camera. In the display, it can be seen from the renderings. The front design of this new iPhone is a slide-type design. Like the front design of Xiaomi MIX3, the front camera of this machine is front-mounted dual-pixel, pixel respectively. For: 16 million + 12 million pixels, the aperture is: f / 1.4 + f / 2.4, the aircraft is equipped with PDAF phase focusing technology and OIS optical image stabilization technology, as well as HDR shooting technology.

In the current mobile phone market, the back-end design of the mobile phone is various, but I have never seen such a personalized rear-end design like this new iPhone. From the renderings, I can see that this new iPhone The back of the fuselage does not have a rear camera. There is only one logo for the iPhone. Because the rear design of the camera is the same as the front design, it is also a slide design. This is the double slide design that I mentioned at the beginning of the article. The rear camera of the machine is a rear dual camera with pixels: 25 million + 18 million pixels. It is equipped with the latest intelligent AI beauty technology, which supports the automatic switching and filling function of the scene. It is extremely excellent, and it is considered as an iPhone fantasy.

With the face recognition unlocking function, after the iPhone is brought to the fire, the most popular face recognition technology is the Face ID face recognition technology and 3D structured light face recognition technology of the iPhone, wherein the Face ID recognition technology is the iPhone. Mobile phone recognition brush face authentication technology, in many people’s view, iPhone mobile phone only removes the face recognition unlock function after removing the home button design, does not support the fingerprint recognition unlock function, but this iPhone new machine has two unlocking functions Support, equipped with Face ID face recognition technology, and fingerprint recognition technology under the ultrasound screen, are the top technology at present, which shows the strength of this new iPhone.

As can be seen from the renderings, this new iPhone does not retain the 3.5mm headphone jack, which is to enhance the mobile phone protection function, to achieve IP68 level waterproof and dustproof technology, the machine body material is glass material, Using the sixth generation of Corning Gorilla glass material, the fuselage frame of the machine is not made of glass material, but metal material, also to enhance mobile phone protection. This new iPhone is equipped with a 4500 mAh battery and is also equipped with With super fast charging technology and wireless charging technology, and supporting reverse charging function, such endurance function has been able to meet the needs of many consumers for mobile phone battery life.

Want to run the phone smoothly, it depends on the performance of the phone configuration, and the performance of the phone is determined by the phone processor and memory configuration, and the system, in the current mobile phone market, mobile phone performance configuration is best The iPhone is the reason why the iPhone is very popular and sought after by consumers. After all, there is an iPhone processor and an iPhone system as the background iPhone. The performance configuration is completely ok. This iPhone is equipped with iPhoneA13. The processor’s running memory starts with 6GB, the storage memory starts with 128GB, and the maximum supports 512GB of storage memory.

Although the iPhone has not been as good as the peak in recent years, it does not mean that the iPhone is not working or has problems, but because of the rapid rise of other mobile phone brands, it has seized some markets. From the above aspects, this new iPhone makes people Impeccable, it is an iPhone fantasy, I don’t know if you think so?


iPhone ready to go: A12 chip + titanium alloy + 5200mAh + missed 5G cost comparable to Samsung

Recently, Apple’s stock price rises believe that everyone has already understood. Many people say that Apple’s stock price rebound is mainly due to Apple’s price reduction strategy. However, some people think that price reduction is a necessary strategy for the iPhone company. This is the way that Apple must go, and it is a prerequisite for the future growth of Apple’s service business.

This is our long-awaited iPhone9, which completely broke the impression of Apple phones. You should remember that the previous iPhone 8 still retains the design of the wide forehead. The new iPhone9 adopts a comprehensive screen design method, which greatly increases the proportion of iPhone screens. Apple’s new machine adopts zero border and no border design, without left and right borders and upper and lower border design. Apple’s new size is 5.2 inches, the display uses a 3D OLED ultra-clear retina screen, the mobile phone screen uses COP packaging technology, the mobile phone screen accounts for up to 98%, and the mobile phone screen aspect ratio is 19.5:9. The pixel resolution of the phone screen is 2880×1440.

Apple’s new machine has finally made a big move in design. It is reported that the iPhone9 only opens the hole in the middle of the top of the screen of the mobile phone. This is the first time that the Apple mobile phone adopts the drilling screen design. In addition, the top of this phone is not equipped with a handset design, it is known to use the under-screen sound technology. The front lens is a 3D deep-sensing lens with a front-facing single-lens pixel of 12 million original deep-sensing cameras with an aperture of f/1.7. The front lens is equipped with Sony’s flagship sensor, and is equipped with AI technology and HDR technology, which can help improve the shooting effect of the mobile phone. This new camera self-timer technology is very strong and worth looking forward to.

Apple’s new machine is equipped with a dual camera in the rear design. The camera is equipped with LED flash components under the camera. The sensor is also equipped with sensors under the flash. This sensor is Sony’s sensor coms. In addition, the pixels of the rear lens of the new machine are: 16 million (F/1.8) + 1600 (F/2.0) megapixel design, the rear lens is equipped with a super wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens, supporting 10 times HDR camera technology, 8X Double optical zoom technology, EIS electronic image stabilization technology and OIS optical image stabilization technology. This phone has indeed greatly improved its functional design. It can be said that this phone has indeed had a huge improvement on the basis of the previous generation.

The front lens uses a 3D original deep-sensing lens, which can be equipped with a unique 3D structured light technology. 3D face recognition technology can not only unlock, but also be very convenient in mobile payment. It is said that in the future 3D sensor camera will be combined with the naked eye 3D screen technology, people can use the mobile phone to achieve 3D stereo effect photos. Apple has always used the button fingerprint to unlock, this time it is said that Apple’s new machine will also use the screen fingerprint unlocking technology for the first time, the fingerprint sensor will be built into the phone screen, unlocking is very fast and convenient. Apple has adopted a double unlocking method, which undoubtedly adds a selling point to Apple’s new machine.

In fact, this phone is a hyperboloid full-screen mobile phone, the surface design with OLED screen, making the whole phone more light and thin, the phone is more atmospheric and textured. We know that most of Apple’s mobile phones use a glass body design. This time, the Apple mobile phone is made of titanium alloy. The titanium alloy has good heat resistance and corrosion resistance, high strength, and the mobile phone body is very thin. Apple’s new machine is equipped with a 5200 mAh high-density large battery. The new machine supports wireless charging technology and fast charging technology. Not only is the mobile phone’s battery life superior, but the experience is also very good.

The iPhone is ready to go, although there has been news that Apple will not release 5G mobile phones this year, and it is not possible to 5G networks, but it is true that 5G mobile phones are under development. It is said that 5G technology is related to millimeter wave radar technology, but the development of 5G mobile phones is also the earliest. It will be completed next year. But this does not affect the release of Apple’s mobile phone. Apple’s new machine will be equipped with A12 chips, and its operating speed is still very strong. In the phone running memory and storage space with a variety of matching methods. 3GB/4GB of running memory can be freely matched with 64GB, 128GB, 256GB of storage space. The new machine is on the price, everyone knows that the price is similar to that of Samsung, and the price is comparable to Samsung.

The new iPhone is amazing. This new machine comes with A13 chip + titanium alloy + 5200mAh parameters, and the price is comparable to Samsung. 2019 is also very important for Apple, not only in technological innovation, but also in ensuring users and retaining market share. I don’t know if Apple’s new machine will adopt the price strategy, but as a user, of course, I hope that Apple’s mobile phone can lower the price. After all, from the details of design and experience, the reputation of Apple’s mobile phone has always been very good. I don’t know what everyone thinks?


Huawei 5G concept new machine: 2048GB + Kirin 985 + graphene 5200 mAh

Huawei mobile phone as the leader in domestic mobile phones, called “leaders” is not an exaggeration, these three words are very consistent with the current Huawei mobile phones, after all, Huawei mobile phones in many places are at the forefront of domestic mobile phones, also Walking at the forefront of many mobile phone brands. For example, Huawei Kirin 970, Kirin 980 chip, in the current mobile phone industry, are top-level chips, and now there are few mobile phone brands that can develop their own brand of processors, although some mobile phone brands have also developed processors. But not a high-end processor. This is one of the reasons why these three mobile phone brands are among the top three in the world. Today, the author brings you a Huawei 5G concept new machine that is extremely powerful in all aspects, a real domestic machine.

In fact, starting from Liu Haiping, mobile phone manufacturers and consumers want to remove the upper frame, but the problem of the front camera can only be a different way. According to the data, the new Huawei machine has no openings and no components on the screen, and hides the front camera. This design method greatly improves the screen ratio of the machine. This new Huawei machine also uses cop packaging technology, retaining a very narrow upper and lower frame, the machine’s volume control button and switch button are in the left side of the fuselage. According to the data, the screen size of the new Huawei machine is 6.6 inches. The machine is equipped with a SUPER AMOLED screen. The aspect ratio of the screen is 19:9. The screen resolution of the machine is 2960×1440 pixels.

With the rapid development of mobile phones, the front camera function of mobile phones is very important, especially with the rise of many software apps that need to call the front camera, the front camera function of the mobile phone becomes an indispensable function of the mobile phone. The screen of this new Huawei machine can adopt the full screen design, and the front camera component is not equipped on the screen. It is definitely not to remove the front camera function, but to use a hidden design to hide the components such as the front camera. This new Huawei machine adopts a pop-up design. The front camera of the machine is front-mounted dual-camera and equipped with an LED flash. The front camera has pixels of 24 million + 8 million pixels. The latest AI beauty technology.

The rear camera of this new Huawei machine is rear-mounted four cameras, except that the four rear cameras of the aircraft are not Leica lenses. That is to say, the rear camera function of this new Huawei machine does not support Leica camera technology. The camera’s four rear cameras are all AI lenses. This lens is also a relatively popular lens. The four rear cameras are arranged vertically in the upper left corner of the camera, and on the right side of the camera. LED flash unit, this Huawei new camera rear camera has 12 million + 24 million + 48 million + 32 million pixels, of which the main camera of 48 million pixels is the most popular Sony IMX586 sensor, equipped with PDAF phase Focus technology and OIS optical image stabilization technology, extremely powerful hardware and shooting technology.

It can be seen from the renderings that there is a fingerprint recognition area on the lower half of the new Huawei machine. This shows that the new Huawei machine is equipped with screen fingerprint recognition technology, and the current popular fingerprint recognition technology. After a while, such fingerprint recognition and unlocking function will be seen everywhere in the mobile phone market. Consumers also like this kind of fingerprint recognition and unlocking function. This Huawei new machine also supports face recognition unlocking function, equipped technology. It is a relatively popular and popular face recognition technology. It is equipped with 3D structured light face recognition technology, and is the only face recognition technology that can compete with Apple’s Face ID technology.

At present, the most advanced mobile phone charging technology is wireless charging technology. Many consumers like the wireless charging function. This Huawei new machine is equipped with wireless charging technology and supports wireless charging function. In addition, this Huawei new technology The machine is also equipped with super fast charging technology, and has a built-in battery with a graphene capacity of 5200 mAh. This is a new energy battery that can compress a very long charging time to just a few minutes. This Huawei new machine has a strong battery life function, and the machine also supports reverse charging function, which is extremely excellent. The body material of this new Huawei machine is made of Corning Gorilla’s sixth generation glass material.

Speaking of the performance of this new Huawei machine, you have to mention the Huawei mobile phone’s Kirin processor, follow-up data shows that this Huawei new machine is equipped with its own Huawei Kirin processor, the aircraft is equipped with Kirin 985 The processor, this processor can compete with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. The most important point is that the machine will integrate Huawei’s newly developed Baron 5000 chip to realize Huawei 5G mobile phone. The running memory of this new Huawei machine is 8GB/10GB/12GB. The storage memory of the machine is 128GB/512GB, and the maximum storage memory is 2048GB. After all, under 5G network conditions, the download speed is too fast, and the storage of the mobile phone will be A big problem, only 2048GB of storage memory, can meet the usual needs. The aircraft is equipped with the EMUI10.0 version of the Huawei mobile phone based on Android.

From each of the above aspects, this Huawei new machine must be devastated by Huawei mate20 and Huawei p20. It is necessary to know that these two mobile phones have achieved very good results in the past year, and they are deeply loved and sought after by consumers. However, all aspects of this new Huawei machine surpass these two mobile phones. It can be seen that this Huawei 5G concept new machine is so powerful that it is a real domestic machine. What do you think of this new Huawei machine? ?


Huawei’s bold and big hand: 93 million + Kirin 990 + liquid cooling +1024G flagship black horse will not

Huawei has taken a different approach to the design, using a micro-bang design and a curved screen design overlay, the face value of this phone instantly reversed. After all, Huawei mobile phones are not as oppo and vivo mobile phones can make the external light very delicate and beautiful. Huawei’s mobile phone is 6.41 inches in size. The OLED HD retina screen is used on the display screen to make the mobile phone lighter and thinner, which can significantly reduce the power consumption of the mobile phone. Huawei’s new machine adopts COP packaging technology with huge process difficulty. The chin of this new Huawei machine is almost invisible, and the proportion of mobile phone screen has also been greatly improved. The screen resolution pixel of Huawei’s new machine is 2160X3840.

Huawei’s new machine showed its strength and made new moves in the design of the front lens, such as this front-mounted dual-lens lens design. Micro Liu Hai is equipped with a classic earpiece design. The front lens design is: 22 million 3D deep-sensing lens, with 8 million telephoto lens design, equipped with variable aperture. The front lens is not only equipped with face recognition technology, but also equipped with the top-of-the-line IMX607 sensor customized by Huawei and Sony. It has a super high pixel design, enhanced HDR camera function, no grainy photos, and night scene shooting. optimization. In addition, Huawei’s new machine also supports OIS optical image stabilization technology and EIS electronic image stabilization technology.

Huawei seems to have changed its design style on the rear lens, and has adopted a simple design method. It does not refer to the five lens designs that are more exaggerated. Huawei’s new machine adopts a rear three-lens lens design, and the rear lens is arranged vertically. The two-color dual-temperature LED flash components are mounted under the lens. Three lens pixel design: 41 million (F / 1.6) + 41 million (F / 1.8) + 12 million (F / 2.0) = 93 million Leica lens, the lens is still equipped with a Leica lens, support 960fps slow motion shooting Support optical anti-shake and pdaf phase focusing technology, 8x optical zoom technology, AI technology, absolute camera artifact.

As the flagship machine of Huawei, I believe that it is the strongest in any technology and use. This new Huawei machine uses the fingerprint recognition of the screen. However, it is said that Huawei’s new machine has made the fingerprint recognition module very large. Almost every mobile phone screen is so large that it is placed in the screen of the mobile phone. The unlocking is no longer point-and-click unlocking. The finger disaster prevention can be unlocked anywhere, increasing the user’s Mobile experience. As mentioned above, the front lens of Huawei’s new machine is designed as a 3D deep-sensing lens. This kind of lens is equipped with AI technology, which can realize 3D face recognition. It is through 3D lens scanning imaging modeling, which gives the database matching and feedback, which improves the security performance of the mobile phone.

The front and back of the mobile phone are designed with a curved surface. The sleek curved surface design enhances the texture of the Huawei mobile phone and visually feels more high-end. The body is made of solid-colored curved surface design, and the body material is equipped with Corning Gorilla’s 6th generation glass material, which enhances the safety performance of the mobile phone. In addition, in the battery configuration and design, Huawei’s mobile phone is equipped with a large 5500 mAh battery, graphene battery, and Huawei’s mobile phone equipped with a liquid cooling system to minimize the power consumption of the battery. Huawei’s new machine can support 40W super fast charging and wireless charging technology. The type-C interface set by the mobile phone supports reverse charging. Not only is the battery life strong, but the charging is also very fast and convenient.

Why is Huawei’s mobile phone a well-deserved flagship king, the flagship dark horse will not be. The most important thing is to look at the core configuration. The Hisilicon-Kirin processor developed by Huawei itself is very strong, but this time it is different. It is understood that Huawei will be equipped with the Kirin 990 processor, and the processor is the first in the world. 5G chip – Balong 5000, this 5G chip supports a variety of network standards, easy to use and unlimited. Huawei’s new machine will use 8GB/10GB of running memory, which can be equipped with 128GB/256GB/512GB/1024GB storage memory. The running speed is absolutely super strong, especially the 5G mobile phone running speed under 5G network is definitely not comparable to 4G network.

Huawei’s bold and generous handwriting, this new machine with 93 million + Kirin 990 + liquid cooling + 1024G parameters, Huawei flagship dark horse will not. Huawei’s super technology has to let Xiaobian admire. Although Huawei has received many restrictions and blows, it is believed that the powerful Huawei will still break through, which is not a quick experience and growth! Are you looking forward to Huawei’s new machine? Or do you think that the form of Huawei mobile phone will continue to grow against the trend?


Huawei P20 with all kinds of technologies, how much do you know?

Mention Huawei, I believe that everyone is not strange, like Huawei Mate20. Huawei glory Magic2 is very powerful, not only beautiful in appearance, but also very good in configuration, and before this, Huawei P20 is also a very worthwhile start Cell phone, what is the special feature of this phone? Please look down.

First, in appearance, the Huawei P20 uses a 5.8-inch full screen, while the same size has a wider field of view, the proportion of the fuselage is more elegant and neat, one hand can also easily hold, and pure The design is not complicated, it touches your heart everywhere. When you see the screen at first sight, you will be immersed in this pure visual feast. On the back of the fuselage, the P20 uses a gradient glass body. With advanced structure color plating, you can’t put it down, and Huawei P20 There are also four different color combinations to choose from, such as bright black, aurora, aurora and pearlescent frit, each color is very cool, do you like it?

Secondly, on the camera, Huawei P20 uses 24 million high-definition pixel lenses in the front, and 20 million pixels + 12 million-pixel lenses in the rear. As a new generation of Leica dual lenses, it is equipped with artificial intelligence chips. Give you endless space to play, just need to click gently, you can use your unique perspective to record the wonderful. And when you take a selfie, whether it is in the backlight, backlight or dark light, the shooting effect is very exciting. And Huawei P20 also has 960 frames of super slow motion video, from which you will freeze your world!

The third point is the configuration of Huawei P20. The Huawei P20 uses the Kirin 970 processor, plus powerful AI processing. It can actively think, understand your habits, make everything very easy and convenient, and the powerful processor, whether you are eating chicken or chasing new ones, looks so smooth, as if it is flowing. Coupled with the EMIUI8.1 system, it brings a smooth experience beyond imagination.

The fourth point is the Huawei P20’s battery life. The Huawei P20 has a battery capacity of 3400mAh, with super fast charging technology, and also uses smart power-saving technology to make the mobile phone smarter and more reasonable to allocate battery resources without worrying about the mobile phone. The troubles caused by power consumption.


Are you still hesitating that Huawei Mate20Pro is worth it? You can decide after reading

After the release of Huawei mate20Pro for four months, it finally realized the spot open purchase in the near future. However, many people are facing the arrival of new machines today. When many new technologies appear, it will inevitably be compared and some will be produced. Such a question – is Huawei Mate20Pro worth not worth buying? Therefore, if you are still hesitating, then you can read it and decide!

The biggest feature of Huawei Mate20Pro is that it adopts the bangs curved screen body design on the front and the rear three camera design on the back. Huawei mate20Pro this phone standard version of the design said that there is no screen fingerprint recognition technology, but there are 3D body light, so the experience will not be too bad, and as for the curved screen and small bangs, the true value is not particularly high.

However, the author also thinks that if it is compared with the current water-drop screen design, Liu Haiping is both good and bad, because Liu Haiping is bigger than the water-drop screen, but with the existence of structural light, it makes up for the screen fingerprint. Missing.

Looking at the rear three-camera design, Huawei’s mate20Pro’s Leica three-photographing level reached the world’s number one position, with hardware standards reaching 40 million pixels + 20 million + 8 million, although compared to the 48 million +1600 of Xiaomi 9 10,000 + 12 million pixels is a bit lower, but from the current news, Xiaomi 9 final DXO camera evaluation score should be lower than Huawei mate20Pro, so if you pay attention to mobile phone photos, then Huawei mate20Pro is still the best s Choice.

Of course, considering the performance, Huawei mate20Pro uses the Kirin 980 processor, which is also the first camp level of the current Android phone. Compared with the upcoming Samsung S10 and Xiaomi 9 and other Snapdragon 855 processor phones, it will inevitably be weak. After all, the two are still a grade.

At the same time, Huawei mate20Pro is equipped with 15W wireless charging and 40W charging, although charging is not comparable to OPPO FindX’s 50W fast charging, and the information is currently known, Xiaomi 9 may be equipped with 20W wireless charging technology, but Huawei mate20Pro integrated Seeing that there are certain advantages, although neither is the best, it can be considered as a more balanced design.



After 4 months, Huawei’s flagship is finally in stock, so the iPhone XR is worth starting?

After 4 months, Huawei’s flagship is finally in stock, so the iPhone XR is worth starting?

Last year, Huawei sold well, and mobile phone shipments exceeded 200 million units. Basically, every time a new product was released, it became an explosion. Huawei also adopted the sea tactics in 2018. Almost every new mobile phone is released every month. The pollen is too busy to know how to choose. But there is a mobile phone Huawei has no goods, always want to snap up, resulting in a little delayed sales. Huawei Mate 20 Pro has been out of stock, and it is only in February that it is officially available for sale. Many netizens will entangle whether to buy Huawei or choose iPhone XR? After you finish watching, make a choice.

The same is more than $1100 can securely buy the top flagship in the Android camp. Compared with iPhone XR, Huawei Mate20 Pro is equipped with 6.39-inch 2K resolution domestic OLED curved screen, supports 3D structured light face recognition, equipped with the latest 7nm process made of Kirin 980 processor, rear 40 million + 20 million + 8 million Leica three shots, support 5x optical zoom, front 24 million pixel beauty self-timer, battery capacity 4200mAh, can reach up to 40w fast charging power and 15w wireless fast charge.

iPhone XR and Huawei Mate20Pro use the design of the bangs screen on the front panel, but because Huawei Mate20Pro uses a curved screen, the face value is still a little better than Huawei Mate20Pro. On the back of the phone, Huawei Mate20Pro is really awkward than the iPhone XR because it is a three-shot design, but the shape of the iPhone XR is not so good. In general, it is half a catty. But I think that if you are more concerned about the value of the face, Huawei Mate20Pro is really better, and if you care more about the brand, then iPhone XR is definitely better.

Configuration on the iPhone XR is now the strongest A12 processor, it can be said that on the mobile phone processor, whether it is Qualcomm, Samsung or Huawei, there is no card in front of Apple A series processors. And because of the inherent disadvantage of Huawei’s Kirin processor on the GPU, Huawei’s mobile phone is really not strong in playing games. If you are a Game boy, choosing iPhone XR should be a better choice.

It is worth mentioning that Huawei Mate20 Pro also features reverse wireless charging, stereo dual speakers, IP68 dust and water resistance, and can be said to be the most luxurious Android flagship. Moreover, in the past, the regular pricing rules of the country, more than $1100 is absolutely enough to buy Huawei Mate20 Pro, and may even be able to buy 8GB storage support screen fingerprint technology top version.

At the same time, Huawei mate20Pro also has three camera designs. The camera strength is better than iPhoneXR. Although the design of Liu Haiping + curved screen is not perfect, the iPhoneXR’s Liu Haiping + Big Black side may be inferior. In addition, Huawei mate20Pro compared to iPhoneXR, the sale price is starting at $920, iPhoneXR sale price is $1100. Looking at these points, netizens are still very satisfied with Huawei mate20Pro.