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Nokia’s full-featured work: ZEISS lens + 57 million + retaining the performance of the frame and the value of both

With the development of the times, the survival of the fittest is a constant truth. In the long river of time, many enterprises have been ruthlessly crushed by time, and some enterprises have become more and more violent. Today, the author will bring you a Nokia mobile phone with a glimmer of fire. Nokia mobile phones […]

iPhone ready to go: A12 chip + titanium alloy + 5200mAh + missed 5G cost comparable to Samsung

Recently, Apple’s stock price rises believe that everyone has already understood. Many people say that Apple’s stock price rebound is mainly due to Apple’s price reduction strategy. However, some people think that price reduction is a necessary strategy for the iPhone company. This is the way that Apple must go, and it is a prerequisite for […]

Huawei’s bold and big hand: 93 million + Kirin 990 + liquid cooling +1024G flagship black horse will not

Huawei has taken a different approach to the design, using a micro-bang design and a curved screen design overlay, the face value of this phone instantly reversed. After all, Huawei mobile phones are not as oppo and vivo mobile phones can make the external light very delicate and beautiful. Huawei’s mobile phone is 6.41 inches in size. […]

Huawei P20 with all kinds of technologies, how much do you know?

Mention Huawei, I believe that everyone is not strange, like Huawei Mate20. Huawei glory Magic2 is very powerful, not only beautiful in appearance, but also very good in configuration, and before this, Huawei P20 is also a very worthwhile start Cell phone, what is the special feature of this phone? Please look down. First, in appearance, […]