Vivo sub-brand IQOO first new concept machine hit, folding full screen really amazing

The development of vivo in recent years is also very rapid. The launch of vivoX23 is popular among you both online and offline. The APEX2019, which was released recently, has alerted people at home and abroad. Recently, vivo is also official. Xuan has announced his own sub-brand, IQOO, since the official announcement, many people are very curious about how IQOO reads, netizens have said that they will read “love cool”, and some netizens guess whether it is called “intelligence zero “The netizen’s mind is really big.” In addition, IQOO’s first mobile phone renderings have also been exposed, and it is still folding mobile phones, this vivo will be magnified as soon as it comes up. Let’s take a look together.

From the front of the mobile phone, the new engine of IQOO adopts the ultra-thin folding screen design, and is folded symmetrically in the middle and left, and the surrounding frame is also very narrow, and almost no black border can be seen. Of course, this mobile phone can be said to be more than just a folding mobile phone. It is also a full-screen mobile phone with a screen ratio of 99%. The overall look is quite amazing, and the screen effect is very shocking. In front, before folding, it is a full-screen tablet, and after folding, it becomes a full-screen mobile phone, and the folding mobile phone will definitely bring more playability to everyone, and maybe even more black operations can be developed. It.

It is not difficult to find in the rendering. The IQOO concept machine has also been re-configured for its system UI, which can fold the screen to different degrees of camber. In addition, this new folding phone will also be equipped with 5G communication, maybe the launch of this phone will lead A wave of mobile phone climax!

It is reported that IQOO is the high-end market, creating a new flagship mobile phone, so this new product is likely to match the Snapdragon 855 processor, as well as a new generation of screen fingerprint technology, face recognition and so on. Of course, in terms of taking pictures, vivo has also made significant progress in several products. I believe that as a brand new brand, IQOO will bring you a better photo experience.

Prior to this, the NEX dual-screen version released by vivo was also full of black technology. However, according to the current situation, the new IQOO product is much more amazing than the NEX dual-screen version, and the design of the entire body and the playability of the mobile phone are very good. As a folding mobile phone, the most important topic is about its battery. The folding screen is also very power-hungry. However, I believe that this folding mobile phone of IQOO definitely has a good grasp of the battery capacity and power consumption. What do you think the battery capacity of this phone will be?


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