Huawei 5G concept new machine: 2048GB + Kirin 985 + graphene 5200 mAh

Huawei mobile phone as the leader in domestic mobile phones, called “leaders” is not an exaggeration, these three words are very consistent with the current Huawei mobile phones, after all, Huawei mobile phones in many places are at the forefront of domestic mobile phones, also Walking at the forefront of many mobile phone brands. For example, Huawei Kirin 970, Kirin 980 chip, in the current mobile phone industry, are top-level chips, and now there are few mobile phone brands that can develop their own brand of processors, although some mobile phone brands have also developed processors. But not a high-end processor. This is one of the reasons why these three mobile phone brands are among the top three in the world. Today, the author brings you a Huawei 5G concept new machine that is extremely powerful in all aspects, a real domestic machine.

In fact, starting from Liu Haiping, mobile phone manufacturers and consumers want to remove the upper frame, but the problem of the front camera can only be a different way. According to the data, the new Huawei machine has no openings and no components on the screen, and hides the front camera. This design method greatly improves the screen ratio of the machine. This new Huawei machine also uses cop packaging technology, retaining a very narrow upper and lower frame, the machine’s volume control button and switch button are in the left side of the fuselage. According to the data, the screen size of the new Huawei machine is 6.6 inches. The machine is equipped with a SUPER AMOLED screen. The aspect ratio of the screen is 19:9. The screen resolution of the machine is 2960×1440 pixels.

With the rapid development of mobile phones, the front camera function of mobile phones is very important, especially with the rise of many software apps that need to call the front camera, the front camera function of the mobile phone becomes an indispensable function of the mobile phone. The screen of this new Huawei machine can adopt the full screen design, and the front camera component is not equipped on the screen. It is definitely not to remove the front camera function, but to use a hidden design to hide the components such as the front camera. This new Huawei machine adopts a pop-up design. The front camera of the machine is front-mounted dual-camera and equipped with an LED flash. The front camera has pixels of 24 million + 8 million pixels. The latest AI beauty technology.

The rear camera of this new Huawei machine is rear-mounted four cameras, except that the four rear cameras of the aircraft are not Leica lenses. That is to say, the rear camera function of this new Huawei machine does not support Leica camera technology. The camera’s four rear cameras are all AI lenses. This lens is also a relatively popular lens. The four rear cameras are arranged vertically in the upper left corner of the camera, and on the right side of the camera. LED flash unit, this Huawei new camera rear camera has 12 million + 24 million + 48 million + 32 million pixels, of which the main camera of 48 million pixels is the most popular Sony IMX586 sensor, equipped with PDAF phase Focus technology and OIS optical image stabilization technology, extremely powerful hardware and shooting technology.

It can be seen from the renderings that there is a fingerprint recognition area on the lower half of the new Huawei machine. This shows that the new Huawei machine is equipped with screen fingerprint recognition technology, and the current popular fingerprint recognition technology. After a while, such fingerprint recognition and unlocking function will be seen everywhere in the mobile phone market. Consumers also like this kind of fingerprint recognition and unlocking function. This Huawei new machine also supports face recognition unlocking function, equipped technology. It is a relatively popular and popular face recognition technology. It is equipped with 3D structured light face recognition technology, and is the only face recognition technology that can compete with Apple’s Face ID technology.

At present, the most advanced mobile phone charging technology is wireless charging technology. Many consumers like the wireless charging function. This Huawei new machine is equipped with wireless charging technology and supports wireless charging function. In addition, this Huawei new technology The machine is also equipped with super fast charging technology, and has a built-in battery with a graphene capacity of 5200 mAh. This is a new energy battery that can compress a very long charging time to just a few minutes. This Huawei new machine has a strong battery life function, and the machine also supports reverse charging function, which is extremely excellent. The body material of this new Huawei machine is made of Corning Gorilla’s sixth generation glass material.

Speaking of the performance of this new Huawei machine, you have to mention the Huawei mobile phone’s Kirin processor, follow-up data shows that this Huawei new machine is equipped with its own Huawei Kirin processor, the aircraft is equipped with Kirin 985 The processor, this processor can compete with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. The most important point is that the machine will integrate Huawei’s newly developed Baron 5000 chip to realize Huawei 5G mobile phone. The running memory of this new Huawei machine is 8GB/10GB/12GB. The storage memory of the machine is 128GB/512GB, and the maximum storage memory is 2048GB. After all, under 5G network conditions, the download speed is too fast, and the storage of the mobile phone will be A big problem, only 2048GB of storage memory, can meet the usual needs. The aircraft is equipped with the EMUI10.0 version of the Huawei mobile phone based on Android.

From each of the above aspects, this Huawei new machine must be devastated by Huawei mate20 and Huawei p20. It is necessary to know that these two mobile phones have achieved very good results in the past year, and they are deeply loved and sought after by consumers. However, all aspects of this new Huawei machine surpass these two mobile phones. It can be seen that this Huawei 5G concept new machine is so powerful that it is a real domestic machine. What do you think of this new Huawei machine? ?


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