Huawei’s bold and big hand: 93 million + Kirin 990 + liquid cooling +1024G flagship black horse will not

Huawei has taken a different approach to the design, using a micro-bang design and a curved screen design overlay, the face value of this phone instantly reversed. After all, Huawei mobile phones are not as oppo and vivo mobile phones can make the external light very delicate and beautiful. Huawei’s mobile phone is 6.41 inches in size. The OLED HD retina screen is used on the display screen to make the mobile phone lighter and thinner, which can significantly reduce the power consumption of the mobile phone. Huawei’s new machine adopts COP packaging technology with huge process difficulty. The chin of this new Huawei machine is almost invisible, and the proportion of mobile phone screen has also been greatly improved. The screen resolution pixel of Huawei’s new machine is 2160X3840.

Huawei’s new machine showed its strength and made new moves in the design of the front lens, such as this front-mounted dual-lens lens design. Micro Liu Hai is equipped with a classic earpiece design. The front lens design is: 22 million 3D deep-sensing lens, with 8 million telephoto lens design, equipped with variable aperture. The front lens is not only equipped with face recognition technology, but also equipped with the top-of-the-line IMX607 sensor customized by Huawei and Sony. It has a super high pixel design, enhanced HDR camera function, no grainy photos, and night scene shooting. optimization. In addition, Huawei’s new machine also supports OIS optical image stabilization technology and EIS electronic image stabilization technology.

Huawei seems to have changed its design style on the rear lens, and has adopted a simple design method. It does not refer to the five lens designs that are more exaggerated. Huawei’s new machine adopts a rear three-lens lens design, and the rear lens is arranged vertically. The two-color dual-temperature LED flash components are mounted under the lens. Three lens pixel design: 41 million (F / 1.6) + 41 million (F / 1.8) + 12 million (F / 2.0) = 93 million Leica lens, the lens is still equipped with a Leica lens, support 960fps slow motion shooting Support optical anti-shake and pdaf phase focusing technology, 8x optical zoom technology, AI technology, absolute camera artifact.

As the flagship machine of Huawei, I believe that it is the strongest in any technology and use. This new Huawei machine uses the fingerprint recognition of the screen. However, it is said that Huawei’s new machine has made the fingerprint recognition module very large. Almost every mobile phone screen is so large that it is placed in the screen of the mobile phone. The unlocking is no longer point-and-click unlocking. The finger disaster prevention can be unlocked anywhere, increasing the user’s Mobile experience. As mentioned above, the front lens of Huawei’s new machine is designed as a 3D deep-sensing lens. This kind of lens is equipped with AI technology, which can realize 3D face recognition. It is through 3D lens scanning imaging modeling, which gives the database matching and feedback, which improves the security performance of the mobile phone.

The front and back of the mobile phone are designed with a curved surface. The sleek curved surface design enhances the texture of the Huawei mobile phone and visually feels more high-end. The body is made of solid-colored curved surface design, and the body material is equipped with Corning Gorilla’s 6th generation glass material, which enhances the safety performance of the mobile phone. In addition, in the battery configuration and design, Huawei’s mobile phone is equipped with a large 5500 mAh battery, graphene battery, and Huawei’s mobile phone equipped with a liquid cooling system to minimize the power consumption of the battery. Huawei’s new machine can support 40W super fast charging and wireless charging technology. The type-C interface set by the mobile phone supports reverse charging. Not only is the battery life strong, but the charging is also very fast and convenient.

Why is Huawei’s mobile phone a well-deserved flagship king, the flagship dark horse will not be. The most important thing is to look at the core configuration. The Hisilicon-Kirin processor developed by Huawei itself is very strong, but this time it is different. It is understood that Huawei will be equipped with the Kirin 990 processor, and the processor is the first in the world. 5G chip – Balong 5000, this 5G chip supports a variety of network standards, easy to use and unlimited. Huawei’s new machine will use 8GB/10GB of running memory, which can be equipped with 128GB/256GB/512GB/1024GB storage memory. The running speed is absolutely super strong, especially the 5G mobile phone running speed under 5G network is definitely not comparable to 4G network.

Huawei’s bold and generous handwriting, this new machine with 93 million + Kirin 990 + liquid cooling + 1024G parameters, Huawei flagship dark horse will not. Huawei’s super technology has to let Xiaobian admire. Although Huawei has received many restrictions and blows, it is believed that the powerful Huawei will still break through, which is not a quick experience and growth! Are you looking forward to Huawei’s new machine? Or do you think that the form of Huawei mobile phone will continue to grow against the trend?