Huawei P20 with all kinds of technologies, how much do you know?

Mention Huawei, I believe that everyone is not strange, like Huawei Mate20. Huawei glory Magic2 is very powerful, not only beautiful in appearance, but also very good in configuration, and before this, Huawei P20 is also a very worthwhile start Cell phone, what is the special feature of this phone? Please look down.

First, in appearance, the Huawei P20 uses a 5.8-inch full screen, while the same size has a wider field of view, the proportion of the fuselage is more elegant and neat, one hand can also easily hold, and pure The design is not complicated, it touches your heart everywhere. When you see the screen at first sight, you will be immersed in this pure visual feast. On the back of the fuselage, the P20 uses a gradient glass body. With advanced structure color plating, you can’t put it down, and Huawei P20 There are also four different color combinations to choose from, such as bright black, aurora, aurora and pearlescent frit, each color is very cool, do you like it?

Secondly, on the camera, Huawei P20 uses 24 million high-definition pixel lenses in the front, and 20 million pixels + 12 million-pixel lenses in the rear. As a new generation of Leica dual lenses, it is equipped with artificial intelligence chips. Give you endless space to play, just need to click gently, you can use your unique perspective to record the wonderful. And when you take a selfie, whether it is in the backlight, backlight or dark light, the shooting effect is very exciting. And Huawei P20 also has 960 frames of super slow motion video, from which you will freeze your world!

The third point is the configuration of Huawei P20. The Huawei P20 uses the Kirin 970 processor, plus powerful AI processing. It can actively think, understand your habits, make everything very easy and convenient, and the powerful processor, whether you are eating chicken or chasing new ones, looks so smooth, as if it is flowing. Coupled with the EMIUI8.1 system, it brings a smooth experience beyond imagination.

The fourth point is the Huawei P20’s battery life. The Huawei P20 has a battery capacity of 3400mAh, with super fast charging technology, and also uses smart power-saving technology to make the mobile phone smarter and more reasonable to allocate battery resources without worrying about the mobile phone. The troubles caused by power consumption.


Are you still hesitating that Huawei Mate20Pro is worth it? You can decide after reading

After the release of Huawei mate20Pro for four months, it finally realized the spot open purchase in the near future. However, many people are facing the arrival of new machines today. When many new technologies appear, it will inevitably be compared and some will be produced. Such a question – is Huawei Mate20Pro worth not worth buying? Therefore, if you are still hesitating, then you can read it and decide!

The biggest feature of Huawei Mate20Pro is that it adopts the bangs curved screen body design on the front and the rear three camera design on the back. Huawei mate20Pro this phone standard version of the design said that there is no screen fingerprint recognition technology, but there are 3D body light, so the experience will not be too bad, and as for the curved screen and small bangs, the true value is not particularly high.

However, the author also thinks that if it is compared with the current water-drop screen design, Liu Haiping is both good and bad, because Liu Haiping is bigger than the water-drop screen, but with the existence of structural light, it makes up for the screen fingerprint. Missing.

Looking at the rear three-camera design, Huawei’s mate20Pro’s Leica three-photographing level reached the world’s number one position, with hardware standards reaching 40 million pixels + 20 million + 8 million, although compared to the 48 million +1600 of Xiaomi 9 10,000 + 12 million pixels is a bit lower, but from the current news, Xiaomi 9 final DXO camera evaluation score should be lower than Huawei mate20Pro, so if you pay attention to mobile phone photos, then Huawei mate20Pro is still the best s Choice.

Of course, considering the performance, Huawei mate20Pro uses the Kirin 980 processor, which is also the first camp level of the current Android phone. Compared with the upcoming Samsung S10 and Xiaomi 9 and other Snapdragon 855 processor phones, it will inevitably be weak. After all, the two are still a grade.

At the same time, Huawei mate20Pro is equipped with 15W wireless charging and 40W charging, although charging is not comparable to OPPO FindX’s 50W fast charging, and the information is currently known, Xiaomi 9 may be equipped with 20W wireless charging technology, but Huawei mate20Pro integrated Seeing that there are certain advantages, although neither is the best, it can be considered as a more balanced design.